Home Alarms Systems.


There are plenty of cheap chinese home alarm systems to choose from in New Zealand, but higher end systems share unique features and benefits all on their own. Quality home alarms systems offer specialized options and better control over your home security. The 5 add-ons below are designed to help you get the ultimate home security system:


1. Interface Control Panels

Consider running your entire alarm system through one single interface control panel. This allows you to include an interactive manager to control many different systems and eve control them all from a programmable touch screen. Some systems even let you include lighting and temperature settings so you can customize automated smart command sensors that turn off lights and lower heat controls when no one is at home.


2. Occupancy Sensors

Another great idea to save money is by using occupancy sensors. These sensors save energy and can communicate with other lighting and heat control systems by turning off equipment not needed in vacant rooms.


3. WAV File Technology

New security applications have made cool features available such as the WAV files for emergency situations in the home. These are audible alerts triggered when the system senses and verifies the presence of an intruder around the perimeter of your home. It can instruct the homeowner of a luxury home to move into their secure safe room. Security experts have improved alert signals to respond to water, air or fire. In the event of a fire, sensors are able to turn on sprinkler and inhalation systems to clear out harmful fumes and flames. Clearing the air of smoke can protect you and your home contents. Sensors can even be set up to call specific technicians with a smart home system to respond to certain emergencies.


4. Two-Way Wireless

With a two-way wireless system, central control panels are now able to communicate back to individual sensors. It’s the rethinking of communication in both directions. It can even be used to interface with your garage door opener or your garage lighting. This feature assists in saving battery life to each individual sensor and they don’t have to transmit signals back to the control panel multiple times.


5. Safe Rooms

For wealthy people with an increase risk of home invasion, install a high-tech safe room. Secure rooms provide deluxe protection and can be integrated with your home security system. You can even have audio and video systems at your fingertips to monitor wireless cameras throughout your home and customize settings for different zones that are armed 24/7.


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