On Grid Solar

On Grid Solar Systems

If you are living in a residential area and already have access to a power grid, an ‘On Grid’ solar PV system is the best fit for you. These are panels, which produce power as long as a connection to the grid is maintained. When you overproduce your solar power is sent out so you can bank it for later use. These solar power systems are extremely cost effective and can allow for a quick return on investment.

The technology is advancing day-by-day, especially when it comes to solar systems. Because of the advantages, more and more people are picking the option of installing the solar system. Of the different variant available in the market, the most popularized is On Grid Solar Systems.

What actually On Grid Solar System is?

It is a solar power generation system having bi-directional flow of energy. The system is designed for generating the DC power by changing the sunlight to the AV power. The photovoltaic system is connected to the grid to which the energy is transported. There are various components of this system.

– Mounting structures

– Solar PV modules

– Monitoring device

– Solar inverter

– Net meter

What about its functioning?

The solar panels which are used have the capability to convert the light energy into the electrical one. The generated current in DC and the use of solar inverter can convert this energy to AC. The electricity which is produced is transported to the grid from where it is supplied for day-to-day usage. The net meter is also installed and has the ability to record the energy that is supplied to the grid.

Advantages of On Grid Solar Systems

Now, you don’t require for storing the energy into the batteries. The solar system is ideal for cutting the electricity cost.

  • Cost effective option
  • Offsetting the electricity bill.
  • Helpful in minimizing the carbon footprints. This can be done by increasing the utilization of non-conventional energy.
  • This system is an ideal way to start the use of renewable energy.

It should be noted that the power generation through this system varies from place to place. Solar Solutions is a one stop destination where you can find variants of On Grid Solar Systems to serve your needs.