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If your home or business already has access to a power grid, an ‘On Grid’ solar PV system is the best fit for you. These are panels, which produce power as long as a connection to the grid is maintained. When you overproduce your solar power is sent out so you can bank it for later use. These solar power systems are extremely cost effective and can allow for a quick return on investment.

The technology is advancing day-by-day, especially when it comes to solar systems. Because of the advantages, more and more people are picking the option of installing the solar system. Of the different variant available in the market, the most popularized is On Grid Solar Systems.

What actually On Grid Solar System is?

It is a solar power generation system having bi-directional flow of energy. The system is designed for generating the DC power by changing the sunlight to the AV power. The photovoltaic system is connected to the grid to which the energy is transported. There are various components of this system.

  • Mounting structures
  • Solar PV modules
  • Monitoring device
  • Solar inverter
  • Net meter

What about its functioning?

The solar panels which are used have the capability to convert the light energy into the electrical one. The generated current in DC and the use of solar inverter can convert this energy to AC. The electricity which is produced is transported to the grid from where it is supplied for day-to-day usage. The net meter is also installed and has the ability to record the energy that is supplied to the grid.

Advantages of On Grid Solar Systems

Now, you don’t require for storing the energy into the batteries. The solar system is ideal for cutting the electricity cost.

  • Cost effective option
  • Offsetting the electricity bill.
  • Helpful in minimizing the carbon footprints. This can be done by increasing the utilization of non-conventional energy.
  • This system is an ideal way to start the use of renewable energy.

It should be noted that the power generation through this system varies from place to place. Solar Solutions is a one stop destination where you can find variants of On Grid Solar Systems to serve your needs.

Off Grid Solar

If you are over 200m from the nearest solar grid connection point then an off grid solar power solution is for you. We provide full turnkey solar systems from solar PV panels, windmills and micro hydro turbines, to battery banks, chargers, inverters and generators. The equipment available is capable of providing stable, reliable power for even the toughest of demands. Our team also has the expert knowledge to make your alternative energy system work for your power needs.

Regarding Installing Solar Panels for Home, you can install residential solar panels system on your roof or your backyard at any location on your property.

Regarding Commercial solar power systems, they are custom solar panel grid-tie power systems for commercial buildings. A commercial solar power system installation can lower your energy costs and reduce your operating expenses.

Be it a Commercial Solar Power System or Home Solar Panels or Solar PV Installation, Our certified, experienced and committed team of Solar installers can provide you the perfect Solar Power solution.

Looking for an effective off grid solar systems for the roof or other structures?

A reliable power supply, an off-grid solar system from Solar Solutions covers your entire electricity demand to make you independent from electric utility companies. These are capable of producing electricity from the battery bank and storing it for use when the sun is not shining as well. Moreover, we are well-reputed Solar PV Installers offer a complete turnkey solar systems from Photovoltaic panels, micro hydro turbines, and windmills to chargers, inverters, battery banks, and generators.

With our veteran gang of employers, we are the best Solar PV System Canterbury that would permit you to get off grid energy anywhere in England with off grid batteries. If you are living in a remote or rural area of England, where the electricity is of terribly expensive or not available, you should buy our off-grid solar option at a budget-friendly price. All equipment made by our professional team is capable of ensuring reliable, stable, and prolonged power regardless of any toughest demand. With our expert knowledge and experience, you offer an alternative energy system works as per our customer’s needs. You can find out more about our range of off grid solar systems and packages with off grid battery storage.

We are best off grid Solar PV Installation Canterbury because we have the following features:

  • Our off grid equipment can be enlarged on a modular basis at any time.
  • Solar Solutions experts guide you from planning to commissioning all sorts of off-grid solar equipment.
  • Our solar systems are equipped with a combination of distinct energy sources such as water, wind, and solar energy. You would experience complete independence from electricity cost and external energy supply as well.
  • For commercial purposes, you can buy our commercial solar power system and for domestic purposes, you can go to our Home Solar Panels. In brief, our certified team will meet your demand as per the requirement. Both solar systems will decline your energy cost and operating expenses.
  • Our off grid solar system is ready to install, and can be shipped instantly to your home. Call or email us for other details about your expected solar systems. Our hard-working team is always looking forward to answer all the queries within a short interval.
  • Our exceptional team can also customize an entire system unique to your particular application.


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