Renewable Energy Management System

Self-Consumptio with one touch!

  • An innovative way to maximise the use of the photovoltaic generated power and manage your energy at home with a simple touch on any mobile devices (tablet or smartphone) anytime, anywhere.
  • The system integrates the monitoring of PV installations (Elios4you), the automatic activation of the electrical appliances(Smart Plugs or Smart Switches), the “thermal storage” of the generated energy (Power Reducer), all managed andcontrolled by the smart App
  • Elios4you: real-time monitoring and self-consumption optimization via smart App on tablet or smartphone
  • Smart Plugs: switching on and off up to 4 electric utilities according to programmable thresholds of excess PV energyon mobile devices by Elios4you smart App anytime, anywhere
  • Power Reducer: automatically diverts surplus generated energy to a resistive load (immersion heater) up to 3 kW without importing from the grid, providing free hot water
  • Precise measurement of the energy generated, consumed and exchanged with the grid, the overall household consumption, the consumption of each individual electrical appliance and the level of self-consumption achieved
  • Independent of the inverter or meter installed
  • For single-phase up to 10 kW
  • Free App for iOS and Android mobile devices

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